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3Play Mini
Portable slowmotion voor alle toepassingen

3play mini


Produceer makkelijk en eenvoudig HD Slow Motion, Highlights enz.
Voeg pro level Transitions en Graphics toe.

Te gebruiken voor uit sport herhalingen, video scheidsrechter referee, clip store en clip finder
Doet meer dan vergelijkbare systemen voor een veel lagere prijs
Koppel aan een bestaande switcher bij standalone gebruik
Gebruik samen met de TriCaster via een ethernet verbinding
Zeer compacte maatvoering.

3play systeemen zijn in vier verschillende uitvoeringen leverbaar

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slomo 3play
newtek slowmotion
3play herhaling


The most real-time capabilities available in any multi-camera replay server.

All 3Play models are designed with fully integrated feature sets, including features that are exclusive to 3Play 440 and 3Play 4800 (where noted). This is how NewTek helps you save money on video equipment, setup and takedown time, and video production costs, while expanding your opportunities for increased revenue. 3Play provides more creative visuals and higher quality, live sports production capabilities than any other system around.


Automatic Replay Recording

Forget to press record? No problem. When you set your first Mark In or Mark Out point, 3Play automatically triggers the Record button to capture incoming video signals.

Synchronized, Continuous Capture

When you press the Record button, configured sources are continuously captured and stored until you manually deactivate recording. Freely focus on 3Play's other functions without interrupting capture.

Multi-Channel Recording

3Play simultaneously records multiple channels of video at native resolution. Capture every angle of live action for instant replay, playback, or archive.


Simultaneous HDMI Output

Record and playback content in HDMI

Display Output

Supply an output signal from your production to a projector, scaling system, or display to present to an in-house or local audience.

Interpolated Slow Motion

Amplify the intensity of highlights or analyze the action frame by frame with smooth, interpolated slow motion. Replay the action at half-speed, quarter-speed, and more with incredible clarity and detail.

Multi-Speed Playback

Choose to replay captured clips or roll imported media in real time or at variable speeds. Show the action again at game speed, or alter the playback rate for dramatic emphasis.

List Playback

Choose and compile clips for sequenced playback. Create highlight reels or build blocks of content, then hit play to roll from one clip to the next automatically.

Clip Playback

Capture and mark live action as 3Play events, then replay clips from multiple angles. You can also import clips and operate 3Play as a media server.

Delayed Output

Once you begin recording, you can initiate playback whenever you like. Output recorded video seconds, minutes, even hours after recording starts.

Live Output

Send any incoming video signal directly to one or both output channels to supply a live feed to downstream displays or production systems.

Dual Playout Channels

3Play provides two fully independent, simultaneous playout channels for output, each capable of supplying a live feed or playback of recorded content to a downstream display or production system. It's like having two playback devices in one.


MIDI Support*

Make automation of your production even easier or breakout control tasks to additional crew with 3Play's extensive MIDI support. Add one or any number of MIDI devices that fit your application and budget, assign macros to controller buttons, and provide dedicated control over 3Play operations—even combining commands with a TriCaster™ on the network or meshing them with other live elements like sound, lighting, effects, and more.
*Not Available on 3Play 425


Make commonly used series of commands automatic, or just simplify complex ones. Record any sequence of operations as a macro event, then trigger with a mouse click, keystroke, or MIDI button press.
*Not available on 3Play 425

Control Surface*

Take a hands-on approach to 3Play operation. More intuitively and accessibly tap into all the capabilities the system has to offer with the companion control surface.
*Compatible hardware control surfaces for 3Play Mini and 3Play 425 sold separately

Transport Controls

3Play's fundamental playback controls to stop, play, cycle, and scrub through clips let you navigate through your stored media with ease.


Highlight Reel Creation

Build and organize clip sequences in real time using the Play List. Configure audio settings and playback speed for each clip selected, add transitions, then select a background music track—and you have a highlight reel that's ready for in-show playback or export for later use.

Multi-Angle Clip Preview*

In addition to monitoring all incoming live feeds, you can preview every angle of recorded clips simultaneously with 3Play 4800 and 3Play 440. Simply turn on the embedded clip monitors and preview stored footage in the user interface, multi-view display, or both.
*Not available on 3Play Mini or 3Play 425

Program-Preview Workflow*

Use 3Play's dual playout channels in tandem to enable switcher-style operation—cueing and preparing content on one channel, outputting the other, and using your choice of effects to transition between the two—to simplify your workflow or enhance production value.
*Not available on 3Play 425

Signal Processing

Go end-to-end with zero signal degradation. 3Play processes signals at their native resolution, meaning no in-between down conversion or up conversion that can affect image quality.

Session Format Support

3Play supports live production in all industry-standard interlaced and progressive scan formats up to 1080p, with a variety of frame rates to choose from.

Multi-View Monitoring

Observe all incoming camera feeds and playout signals without an expensive, space-eating bank of monitors. You can even customize your screen layout to align with your preferred view of the action.

Visual Indicators

Real-time feedback in the form of color-coded visual indicators provides live cues while a production is in progress. Easily see the cameras currently recording, audio levels of incoming signals, clips currently displayed, and more.

Event Marking

Start and end events and clips at the exact frame you want with pinpoint Mark In and Mark Out controls. Each marked segment enters the Clips List as an event, a collection of the actively recording camera angles, and becomes available for playback.

Asset Management


Mark key points in clips using the timecode bookmark system. Bookmarks are marked independently of In and Out points, so your original clip remains intact as you create specific points to jump to in the recorded video.
*Not available on 3Play 425

MAM Platform Integration*

Integrate 3Play with supported Media Asset Management (MAM) platforms, including axle Gear and Square Box Systems CatDV, to optimize any facility or workflow with dependencies on shared use and management of stored media assets.
*Not available on 3Play 425

Tagging Engine*

Create your own coding system for instant metadata entry using the intelligent tagging engine. Assign keywords to teams, players, and more, then log clips with just a couple of clicks or button taps to stay organized and on top of the action.
*Not available on 3Play 425

Event Filtering

Search for and filter clips by metadata descriptions to quickly and easily find the assets you're looking for. Simply enter keywords, and 3Play will display only the events with matching text.


Enter custom descriptions for each clip to easily identify, organize, and manage 3Play assets.

List Organization

Organize all of your recorded content and stored media across multiple pages in both the Clips List and Play List, arranging assets by team, player, play type, time period, and more.


Production Clocks

Keep tabs on production time with a primary clock matched to the current timecode, as well as a secondary clock matched to the custom-configured Start or End time, and hit every mark your show needs to hit.

Play List Export

Build a sequence of clips or a highlight reel in the Play List, then render as a single file available for playback from the Clips List and export for transfer or archive.

Media Export

Optimize stored media files for virtually any post-production purpose, with a versatile Export Media module that converts files into the most appropriate format or formats for their next destination.

Media Import

The Import Media module enables batch import of files with optional transcoding, and automatically categorizes and distributes incoming files to the appropriate locations for production use. All media formats apply. 3Play will play them.

Media Browser

Use this familiar interface to navigate through stored media files, with intuitive organization and filtering for efficient, effortless asset retrieval.

Channel Info

View critical information about the signal currently assigned to the output channels, including the control mode, timecode, playback speed, and more.


*LTC timecode reference not supported by 3Play Mini


Session Templates*

Set up and store session settings in reusable templates to jump right to your custom configuration during pre-show activities.

Automatic Color Correction*

Manually adjust additional characteristics of incoming signals connected to 3Play with advanced color correction and shading—or enable automatic adjustments to video inputs, matching color characteristics to a specific camera or mean characteristics of all incoming signals.

Proc Amp Controls

Make subpar sources look better—and all of them perfectly consistent. Adjust color characteristics and levels for input sources, including brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation, as well as white balance settings, to perform a quick-fix for visuals and boost the look of your camera angles.

Recording Configuration

Freely choose the destination drive for each active recording and other assets associated with your 3Play session.

Per-Asset Configuration

Fine-tuning at your fingertips. Freely configure input connection types and names, audio settings, color correction, clip settings, and more to your specifications. 3Play's configuration options are extensive, easy to use, and customizable to your particular needs.


Program-Preview Transitions*

Operate the A and B output channels like a video mixer, cutting and transitioning between the two creatively, with hundreds of industry-standard wipes, dissolves, DVE effects, and more.

Warping Effects

Add another dimension to animated transitions with imaginative effects, like real-time cloth dynamics, 3D warping, and transformations, to create a visual that will leave your audience in awe—and others wondering how you did it.

Animated Transitions*
Raise production values beyond any standard replay system, with custom-created Animation Store Transitions. Embed your logo or signature visuals into transitions via full-color animated overlays, along with individual sounds for transitioning in and out.


Access additional pre-produced video, motion graphics, titles, bugs, and animated effects instantly, and enhance the production value of live and recorded content. Watch folder functionality even enables remote, real-time updating of buffers over a local network.

Real-Time Layering*

Apply titles, graphics, and animations to live output and video playback, layer one playback angle over another for picture-in-picture replay, or capture the game clock and layer over playback for official review.

Play List Transitions

Roll from clip to clip in the Play List using hard cuts, or include transitions between clips for added effect.


Audio Configuration

Each 3Play video input supports independent configuration of the audio channel and audio input type for the simultaneously recorded sound, enabling you to standardize the audio between recordings or pair an audio source with a specific input for capture.

Mix-and-Match Audio Inputs

Use every digital or analog audio device within reach to capture nat sound, commentary, and more. 3Play accepts any combination of supported audio connections for flexible setup and top-quality sound.


Still Grab*

Capture freeze frames of the action from every angle simultaneously. Still images can be saved for later use or published in real time to supported storage locations and social media platforms.

Network Source Support*

Connect 3Play to a local network and tap into a variety of compatible devices for supplemental production content—even selecting from multiple connected sources while live.

File Format Support

Add media of virtually any file format to the Clips List or Play List for playback and intermix with captured footage for content variety.

Background Music for Highlights

Import an MP3 or WAV file of your favorite music bed or song, apply it to your Play List, and pump up your highlight reels with a background audio track.

Media Playback

Load and playback both long- and short-form video clips, pre-produced video packages, and motion graphics with support for an extensive range of file formats to work with essentially any media asset.


Turnkey Solution

Everything you need to make professional-looking live sports coverage: multi-camera live video, multi-channel recording, instant replay with interpolated slow motion, in-game highlights, and more built into one compact frame without all of the additional setup time, complex cabling, and cost.

Router Support*

Scale your production to accommodate higher camera counts, flex from project to project, or simply integrate into an existing infrastructure with external video router support. Access and control upstream video routers right from the user interface, including models from Blackmagic Design, AJA, Miranda, Ensemble Designs, Utah Scientific, and brands supporting Grass Valley Native Protocol (GVNP).

AMP Support*

3Play provides for seamless integration with third-party products supporting Advanced Media Protocol (AMP), enabling compatible systems to issue commands to 3Play for more fluid and sophisticated workflows.

Scoreboard Data Feed*

Feed real-time scoreboard information into on-screen graphics. 3Play's network sources support data feeds from compatible scoreboards through NewTek's LiveText companion software and developer network solutions over the local network, enabling display of the score, game clock, and other statistical information.

Display Ports*

Dual VGA display ports supply auxiliary output feeds to local monitors or projectors, expanding user workspace and on-site viewing options.

Backup and Restore*

Run your production operation with a safety net. Easily restore factory defaults, or create a bootable clone of 3Play's system drive on another hard drive inserted into one of the removable drive bays or connected externally.

Mult-Tiered Fail-Safe

For added protection and safeguarding, 3Play includes multiple "Always on Air" features that create a multi-tiered redundant fail-safe system that keeps your live production in tip-top shape, with minimal disruption even in the face of catastrophe.

Mix-and-Match Video Inputs

Go with new video cameras and get the most out of your existing inventory. Each 3Play supports HD and SD digital cameras, with resolutions and frame rates freely configurable for each live video input.


Social Media Share Panel*

Take over second and third screens with built-in social media sharing. Real-time publishing instantly links you with all of your social networks—like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube—so you can share, distribute, and engage instantly, even when you don't have a dedicated social media producer on site.

FTP & File Copy*

Duplicate and transfer saved files and recordings for internal and external distribution, getting content to the people that need it, quickly and efficiently.

Clip Publishing*

Prepare recorded files for publishing, marking in and out points on the frames of preference, then upload to the desired destination for internal use or external viewing.

Network Output to TriCaster

Supply 3Play output feeds over the network to TriCaster. When connected to the same local network, TriCaster recognizes 3Play and can accept the output signals as live sources through the network inputs.

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